Another fantastic year cruising the islands, surfing and having fun.

Thanks to everyone that supported us.

All the best for 2016.

Team Barrenjoey

Charter 17

8 December – 19 December

Passengers: Steve Kay, Annabelle Kay, Jack Kay, Spencer Kay, The McGroders

Charter 16

28 November – 7 December

Passengers: Chris Athas, Ben Brown, Brad Spence, Peter Mitchell, Brett Curotta, Jason Mueller, Manu Talbert, The McGroders

Charter 15

7 November – 23 November

Passengers: Steve Blackmore, Rob Couriel, Luka Couriel, Wayne Kurtz, Tom Leach, Steve Benetts, Stuart Cranch, Colin Edwards, John McGroder

Psychologist: Belinda McGroder

Intelligence Testing: Fynn McGroder

Entertainment: Duke McGroder

Charter 14

25 October – 5 November

Passengers: Darren Hawthorn, Brock Hawthorn, Mark Thomson, Brad Williams, Anthony Paul, Scott Ledger, Jo Warick, Justin Strawbridge, John McGroder

Psychologist: Belinda McGroder

Intelligence Testing: Fynn McGroder

Entertainment: Duke McGroder

Charter 13

12 October – 23 October

Passengers: Lachlan Marks, Nick Corrrie, Andrew Pappos, Brad Hanson, Mark Steffens, Mark Foster, Andrew Ebbott, Jaan Hurditch, Dave Pollard, Neil Croft

Thank-you for another amazing tour of the Mentawai’s. We enjoyed consistent swell and good weather. The menu was fantastic, lots of variety and impressively fresh and well prepared. The whole crew were extremely professional, quick with a joke and always willing to lend a hand.
Barrenjoey is a very well equipped vessel with all the comforts and facilities any surfer could look for.
We were a crew of 9 ranging from old mates and new mates but will leave with memories enjoyed by best mates
— The Charter 13 Boys


29 September – 10 October

Passengers: Roland Cabanilla, William Ralston, Glenn Kuwamura,  Russell Dang, Randall Ishihara, Keith Hanzawa, Allen Dung, Patrick Ogawa, Ian Ogawa, Agung Nugrahanto, John McGroder

First Aid:Belinda McGroder

Intelligence: Fynn McGroder

Entertainment:,Duke McGroder

Charter 11

16 September – 27 September


Gary Skow, Aaron Skow, Tony Blundell, Steve Gooch, Todd Marshall, Sean Noone, Grant Robinson, David Orrock, Stuart Cockle, Paulo Lopez, John McGroder

First Aid: Belinda McGroder

Intelligence: Fynn McGroder

Entertainment: Duke McGroder



Passengers: Dean Carlson, Peter Kearney, Adrian Wheeler, Leigh Davis, Matt Howard, Keiren Weber, James Reid, Clinton Dray, Craig O’Toole, Anthony Sneddon, Michael "Moose" Mathew

Charter 9

16 August – 29 August


Robert Noy, Ben Carstens, Ken Beak, Brendan Carr, Trent Carr, Chris Forsyth, William Carr, Siemon McFee, James Warbrick, Mick Macarthur, Michael “Moose” Mathew

Charter 8

27 July – 7 August

Passengers: Kurt Nyholm, Paul O'Kane, Keith Purvis, Mark Johnson, Matt Stewart, Dale Farmillo, Steve Humphries, Shaun Dickson, Jason Quinn


“I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic break. Waves were unreal and we scored every day. The boat was, as usual, awesome in every way, managed by a fantastic crew. They were all super helpful and friendly all doing an amazing job!!!!!!,I don’t want to single anyone out but special mention to Saucy. Well that’s what we called him ya chef dude, he continued to pump out fantastic food and plenty of it with great variety catering to everyones’ requirements. The only down side I have to say was sharing a room with Kurt, I think that was his name, anyway he smelt, had chronic diarrhoea, drank all the beer and couldn’t surf!!!! so all up thanx heaps for the awesome holiday. ”

— Stevo

Charter 7 (Father and Sons)

14-25 July

Passengers: Aidan Parsons, Grahame Parsons, Lucas Goodchild, Brad Parsons, Craig Smith, Jarred Smith, Donald Stedman, Zane Stedman, Stephen Blakey, Joel Blakey, Jason Quinn

 “To the owners, captain and crew of the Barrenjoey,
On behalf of the 13th of July 2015 charter passengers, I would like to take time out to express my sincere appreciation to all that ensured us this most wonderful time from start to finish. Arranging this sort of holiday for 10 frothing surfers could of been a hard task but with the professionalism of the Barrenjoey team and the help they provided, it was a breeze.
The owners John & Belinda McGroder were great continually putting my mind at ease about any queries I put to them, whether it be silly mundane questions like ‘’will there be surf” and “where will we be surfing” , to the bigger one’s like payment ,passenger numbers, crew credentials, flights, transfer’s, etc. Even at the last minute a change of captain was required due to an injury and John took care of that in his stride.

The five man Indonesian crew performed their jobs to the highest standard. From the moment we stepped on board the Barrenjoey we were treated like royalty. No task was to great for these amazing crew. Any question, actions or requests were dealt with promptly and professionally with a total lack of fuss. The two in charge Selamet and Elvis were exceptional in their duties( five star, the best) as were the 2 cook’s who did an amazing job to look after a group comprising of a wide range of age’s and dietary needs. That is no easy task in the confined kitchen they worked in. I am a chef and I was impressed.
The boat engineer’s name was Choma and he did a fantastic job keeping the boat running at the high standard the owner’s expect . For me and the others who ventured onto land to visit one of the two villages we went to, Choma took on a different job, one of an ambassador both for the passenger tourists and to the local village occupants. Our interaction with the villagers was one that the four teenagers Joel, Jared, Aiden and Zane along with Lucas and i will never forget. Thanks Choma.

Our Mentawais surf charter on the Barrenjoey was an amazing experience with a variety of great surf spots ridden,14 in total, fishing was also a great option with some good results, the boat was great and had plenty of character. Having the fastest “secondary” boat in the Mentawais in the form of the Bynda Laut was a bonus with allowed for many fast transitions to different surf spots as the weather dictated. It also came in handy when called upon to help out in an incident on another boat.
All the people involved in making it so good we say THANKYOU and can’t wait to do it again."

— On Behalf of the 13th July Charter passenger's, Steve, Joel, Aiden, Graeme, Brad, Craig, Jared, Lucas, Zane & Don.


26 JUNE -12 JULY

Passengers:John Parnis, Shaun Parnis, Darren Page, James Johnston, Jacob Szerstuk Arthur Watson, Kendrick Watson, Ben Page, George Borg, Aaron Borg, JASON QUINN     

CHARTER 5 (The Spanish Macks)

13 JUNE – 24 JUNE

Passengers: Roberto Javier Zabalbeascoa, Jorge Arrieta Fernandez, Jaime Agurruza Fatosme, Manuel Sanchez De Movellan Garcia-Ogara, Jon Ortuondo Camacho, Alberto Herrara Lopez, Maxence-Francis Rios, Jesus Luzarraga Monasterio, Ruy Arroyo Ozores, Luis Martinez De Irujo, Jason Quinn      

The Crew (Indonesian people) PERFECT in all aspects. I congratulate you really for this team. We have been really well surprised and fulfilled our expectations for far. All are very hard workers, they seem to be very well coordinated and were always very focused on making us enjoy. Very friendly ALL THE TIME. I miss the Souci’s : yiiiihhhhhhhaaaa !!
Mentawais waves are really very very very nice.

— Max Rios



Passsengers: Marq Abela, Craig Yates, Aaron Balbi, Luke Beardmore, Richie Gannon, James Adams, Jessie Chin, Mitch Adams,Scott Bullen, Matt Milne, Jason Quinn

                                            “Wow what a trip !! I can’t wipe the smile off my face mate !!
Jason was onto it every minute of the day we never missed a session and was all over the conditions!!
Your staff were unbelievable always on hand when ever you needed it ! The food was second to none!!
I will highly recommend the Barrenjoey to everyone mate . And also forgot to mention the Bynda was a major player and made all the difference on getting to spots quickly! And the hours of fishing we did with it was priceless!!!”

— Luke Beardmore




Passengers: Nathan Puata, Joshua Stucken, Garth Neale, Jason Bell, Donovan Nikau, Paul McMullen, Eben Kelk, Colin Heighes, Jay Turton, Jason Quinn        

Charter 2

15 March – 26 March

Passengers: Evan Goode, Michael Loxley, Joshua Laugs, Warren McDonald, William Budd, Adam Gerhardt, Mathew Clerke, Jeremy Willis, Jason Quinn


Charter 1

2 March – 13 March

Passengers: Leslie Croft, Gregor Wills, John Wills, Steve Cattanach, Michael Goodwin, George Harry Docking, Rudy, Neil Croft