·         Tropical formula wax

·         3-4 extra leashes – at least one for big waves

·         Removable fin sets, 2 fin keys in case you drop one in the water

·         Surf hat

·         Sun hat

·         Boards of varying sizes – fun board, mid-size, and one for the BIG days

·         Reef booties

·         Ding repair kit, sun cure resin

·         Rash vests

·         Sunglasses

·         Towels. One for the surf, and one for the shower

·         Extra cash for crew tips and souvenirs.

·         Copy of passport


·         Still camera

·         Video camera

·         Drone

 Medical suggestions
We have a comprehensive medical kit on board. We recommend bringing a smaller, personal first aid kit containing the following:

·         Bandages/band aids

·         Anti-biotic ointment

·         Anti-rash powder/cream

·         Betadine

·         Hydrogen peroxide

·         Anti-nausea tablets

·         Pain relief (asprin or Panadol)

·         Muscle relaxant (nurofen or Ibuprofun)

·         Sunburn cream

·         Mosquito repellent

·         Cold/Flu tablets

Please consult your doctor regarding Tetanus, Hepatitis and Malaria medication.

Due to an ever-changing schedule, please go to the 'Contact us' page for current availability and prices. 


Q. How to contact and book The Barrenjoey?

Email:  info@thebarrenjoey.com

Internet: www.thebarrenjoey/contact-us

Facebook: TheBarrenjoey

Or go to Ian@Atolltravel.com our preferred travel agent.

Once contacting us, we can discuss; date options, prices, or what will work for you. Once deciding on a charter, you will need to read and agree to the disclaimer (you can press on the word disclaimer to read our terms and conditions).

 A 25% deposit is required to confirm your booking.

Q. Do you travel to other islands like The Tellos, Nias, and Banyaks?

Yes. This can be discussed when you contact us.

 Q. How do we pay for the charter?

Payments are made via a bank transfer into our account which we will give to you once the dates have been established. Please do this with a reference dates of the trip, or the name of the trip organizer.

Q. How do I get there?

You will need to fly into Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

The below are suggestions.

A trusted travel agent will be able to help you further.

You should organise a flight from your Country of Origin to one of these major cities in South east Asia. Then use a domestic flight onward to Padang.

1.      Singapore – Jakarta - Padang

2.      Kuala Lumpur – Padang

3.      Denpasar (Bali) – Jakarta – Padang

4.      Jakarta – Padang

Please try and co-ordinate your group to arrive at the same time.

Once you arrive into Padang, we will be there to meet and greet you at the airport.

Please remember before travelling, you must have AT LEAST 6 months left valid in your passport.

If you do not have at least 6 months remaining on your passport you will not be allowed to enter Indonesia.

Q. What happens when I land in Padang?
Once you have left the aircraft you will be directed to the ‘baggage claim’.

Porters can help you with your luggage. They charge between Rp 20,000 – 50,000/ porter ($2-5). This is at your own expense and not covered in our overall charter cost. Proceed to Customs and Immigration.

Customs will check your luggage for excess liquor and cigarettes, and if all is ok they will let you pass through.

You will be greeted by a Barrenjoey staff member and escorted to the air conditioned transport vehicle.

You will be driven to either The Barrenjoey or a Hotel (if you arrive early).

Q. Remembering, I am in a foreign country, is there anything I should know about?
Padang is a densely populated Muslim city of Sumatera. As always when travelling overseas it should be remembered that you are in a foreign country and that country may have a different lifestyle, or religious preferences, and you should try and respect the country you are now in. The people generally are friendly, and welcoming of tourists. The older people frown upon travelling surfers who walk around with no top on due to the heat. So keep your shirt on in Padang, and girls please do not dress too scantily (cover knees and shoulders). Respect for local customs and culture goes a long way in any foreign land.

Q. Is the Mentawai Surf Tax included in the charter price?
No. As at 1 August, 2016, the Mentawai Government introduced a new Surfing Tax for any tourists surfing in the Mentawai Islands. This is Rp 1,000,000/ person.

This must be paid before going to the Mentawai Islands

We have an agreement with the West Sumateran Boat Association (AKSSB) to organise this payment for an additional Rp 150,000/person.

The whole tax will cost Rp 1,150,000/person if you pay through us.

Q. Can I pay the Mentawai Surf Tax myself?

Yes. Please go to www.mentawai-travel.com for details. We suggest you allow a day before departure to organise this.

 Q. What happens if my luggage or boards don't make the flight?

Go directly to your flight counter and inform them.

Keep a copy of your lost baggage documentation. Let the driver know so he can call us.

 We will try and trace the boards, and have delivered the lost article as soon as possible. If, as in the past, a passenger doesn't see his boards for a day or two, we organize the boards or luggage to be delivered to the Barrenjoey ASAP. Generally speaking between us and the other passengers your one or two days without your boards or luggage will not be too traumatic.

Q. How do I get from the airport to the hotel and/or boat?

A Barrenjoey representative will ensure your safe journey from the airport to the hotel or boat...this depends upon the time of your arrival, and if you are spending a night prior to joining the boat. If you do stay in a hotel, or decide to have a drink prior to joining the boat, we will collect you from your hotel/ or drinking place and take you to the boat. Additionally, at the end of the charter, we organize your pick up from the boat to the hotel or airport.

Q. What is a good hotel to stay at?
We are able to recommend a few different hotels. If you have not been to Padang before and hence do not know the area or where you would like to stay, we will supply you with some options.

Q. What happens when I get to the boat?
You are handed a cold beer, told to take your shoes off, and check the boat out. You are also given a rundown on the 'Boat Rules' and we discuss our overall plan for the trip.

Q. What time do we leave port?
We try to leave between 1500 and 1700, depending on the group arrival times.

Q. How long does it take to get to the Mentawais?
We steam overnight and try to arrive at the first break at dawn, weather permitting.

Q. Where do we surf first?
We have a group discussion on the first surf factoring in weather conditions, swell size, location of other boats, goofy footers and natural footers. It is a majority decision, but the Captain has final say with regards to the safety and wellbeing of the vessel, crew, and passengers.

Q. Are there any boat rules?

No illegal substances.
No food or alcohol allowed in the cabins. No jumping drunk from the mast. No entering the Captain's cabin. The Captain has final say with regards to the safety and wellbeing of the vessel, crew, and passengers.

Q. What will the crowds be like?
If we are doing our job, there will be no crowds. However, most of the name spots have local kids, camps, or other boats on them during peak season. We try and keep the vibe friendly and can sometimes bargain 2 hour sessions with other operators.

Q. Can we use the Bynda Laut (the fast boat) whenever we want to?
You can use the Bynda Laut at the Captain's discretion. The only time we don't like using it is when the weather gets too radical. Believe us, you don't want to be in the Bynda Laut if the weather gets nasty.

 Q. Besides 'What to bring' is there anything else I will need like money? Copies of my passport and insurance papers?

Obviously this is up to you, you may want to buy gifts for family back home, or you might want to buy some trinket for yourself. If you have had a good time, you might want to tip the crew. We advise that you do bring money. You can buy cheap souvenirs from the local villagers who paddle out in canoes. There are also t-shirts and sarongs (this also supports the locals). Padang has its own unique culture, but definitely not Bali when it comes to the shopping department.

Also, it is always smart to travel with copies of your documents such as passport and travel insurance papers (to be kept in a different location to the original in case you lose them), it makes renewing them that much quicker. It is also a good idea to leave a copy at home so your family/friends can assist in the event of you losing them.

 Q. What health hazards should I be aware of? What about in an emergency?

 There are many health issues you should be aware of. We have stated very clearly in our Disclaimer that we advise full travel insurance, and that you should seek the opinion of a doctor prior to travel.

We have a FULL Medical Kit on board should you forget or need anything. The Captain has completed a current First-Aid course and is versed in most problems that may arise.

Malaria is definitely something you should speak to your doctor about. Yet again, if you choose to take a course of anti-malaria tablets, or just put aero-guard on each night – the decision is yours as you have been made aware of the fact of Malaria in the region. Dengue Fever is also present.

There are also the ever present reef cuts or board injuries. Over the years we have had a lot of experience with these types of injuries. There are times when the Captain will be able to sew you up. Generally speaking, we are not trained medical personnel. If the situation calls for an immediate evacuation, this will be coordinated with your insurance company via the satellite phone. Depending on response time, you might be shuttled back to port via the Bynda Laut if weather permits. Again, take out travel insurance.


Seasickness is also a factor given you will be on a boat. It is rare that someone becomes seasick, and generally speaking, it is only for the first evening. Generally, after the first night, passengers have adjusted to the motion of the ocean and have become comfortable. If you are prone to becoming seasick, perhaps pop in some travel sickness tablets for the first night.

Dehydration is another regular health hazard we have encountered aboard. We are very close to the equator and it is very hot here. Passengers get excited; surf as much as they can, drink too many cold cokes or beers and NOT ENOUGH water. Next thing they have headaches, nausea, listlessness. We cannot stress enough to drink plenty of water. Perhaps bring some form of hydrolyte in case you or one of your mates comes down with dehydration.

 Q. As well as travel insurance for accidents and health reasons, should I take out general travel insurance?

 Absolutely. If you want to cover yourself, you should take out full travel insurance. You will never forgive yourself if the video camera you bought in Singapore goes for a swim...things have a tendency to go diving on the boat – it is an occupational hazard. And, what if you lose your board bag and it never shows up? If you are going to spend the money to go on this trip, it is wise to be covered for all possibilities.

 Q. How will we know what the surf is going to do?

We combine use our 20 years’ operating experience in the area to bring you the best surf on offer. We use Buoyweather, Windguru subscriptions to be updated with current surf forecasts. We move the vessels as conditions dictate. We talk to other Captains. We surf ourselves.

 Q. I want to re-charge my camera gear on the trip, what sort of power do you have on board?

We have 220-240 volt AC power with both Australian and Asian connections.

 Q. Besides power, what is the general layout of the boat?

There are 2 forward cabins, each with a double bed and a single bed above. The aft cabin has bunks for 6. There is a toilet, hot water shower, saloon for watching DVDs, etc, plenty of deck space, as well as the wheelhouse. A back section that can be weather-proofed, and a top deck, called 'The Lizard lounge' for the sunset beer.

 Q. My family has asked if there is any way of contacting me while I am on board? Will I be able to contact them too?

There are a couple of ways now to contact the boat.

You're mobile if it has global roaming will work in certain areas. Not all islands are fitted with the satellites; hence not all areas have mobile coverage. But, it is a nice way to keep in touch without costing a fortune....your own phone to use for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS.

We have an Iridium satellite phone on the boat, and we use this for OUTGOING calls only. The cost for this service is expensive (US$5 a minute), but it is there if you need to call home.

Alternatively, if your family needs to contact you, they can contact us as suggested on the 'contact us' page. We will endeavour to get the message to you quickly, so you can then contact them.

Q. My wife is concerned about my safety, she is concerned about all things like, bombs, terrorist, and tsunamis, what can I say?

We cannot guarantee there will not be another tsunami, earthquake, or terrorist attack. We have been operating as an Australian owned (and later Indonesian Flagged) vessel in the region for the last 18 seasons. The Mentawai Islands are very isolated and are a mixed Christian/Islam religion. They want tourism and are very friendly towards tourists. We feel very safe in our area of operation.

We suggest you check the travel warnings with your local government before departure. You can also contact us if you are unsure. We will advise if we do not think the current situation is safe for travel to the area.


 Q. Besides surfing, is there anything else we can do on board?

Heaps! We have masks and snorkels, as well as flippers – enough for all on board to go for a snorkel over the reefs. We also have a spear gun, and before you ask – a lot of fishing gear. A lot of our passengers bring their own equipment (personal choice), but if you have no room to do so, we have plenty of gear for you to use. Additionally, there are plenty of board games to play, 1 guitar, and even a small library.

 Q. I am a vegetarian; will you be able to cater for me?

After running the Barrenjoey for 17 years, the chef, is ready to meet your needs. We can cater for all the truly different eating requirements of our guests. Obviously if you let us know prior to your arrival, we can order appropriately, making sure your needs are met.

We have a varied menu, and have been told  "Too good, and too much food" on many occasions... Besides the two breakfasts, we also have lunch and dinner and a constant supply of snacks, comprising of fruit, chocolate, freshly made muffins, sushi, and the odd cake!

 Q. You said that 30 cases of beer are supplied and included in the charter cost, what about spirits, wine and cigarettes?

We do not supply spirits, wine or cigarettes. We advise that you should purchase these in your travel to us. The duty free section in the airports along the way, will be a cheap option for you if you so choose to bring spirits or wine. Please note that in Padang airport they are very strict about quantity, so do stick to the rules. Cigarettes can also be obtained in the airport duty free, but they are also cheap and easily found in Padang prior to departure.

 Q. What is your drug policy?

 Plain and simple. Drugs of any kind are NOT tolerated on the Barrenjoey. And, please note, drugs are not tolerated in Indonesia, those caught could face the death penalty. If you are found with drugs on board, no matter where we are you will be escorted off the boat.


Deposit and final payments

·         A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. 60-days prior to departure the full amount (remaining 75%) is due.

·         If the booking is cancelled prior to the 60-day departure time, 50% of the deposit is retrievable - 50% is retained for administrative procedures.

·         If the booking is cancelled within the first 30 days, of the 60-days prior to travel, the deposit is retained, and the balance retrievable.

·         If the booking is cancelled within the last 30 days, of the 60-days prior to travel, the deposit and the balance is retained.

 Travel insurance

It is mandatory to have full travel and accident insurance for your own protection. Owners, operators, agents, and employees of the Barrenjoey assume no liability to take out insurance for its passengers.

The Barrenjoey, does not assume liability for personal injury of any kind, property damage or theft (travelling to or from the boat, or while on board), delays due to; weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, airline arrival and departure times, civil disturbances, or any other event which it is unable to control. Also, the Barrenjoey does not accept any responsibility for non-arrival or late arrival of surfboard/s or luggage.

Consumption of prohibited substances aboard the Barrenjoey are not permitted or tolerated. Furthermore, the Captain of the Barrenjoey reserves the right to remove any passenger/s from the vessel that endangers the well-being and safety of the vessel, passengers, and crew at any time, in accordance with the maritime law.