Jeff Wilson, Joe Wilson, Chris Connolly, Jeffery Metz, Scott Becker, Nic Simovich, Richard Ayer, Gary Hammerslag

The first charter with the new beloved board rack. Admitably it takes up the foredeck, but still effective. We didn't start off on the best note. We had agreed to deliver bogie boards to some boats already out in the Mentawais - there was a bogie board contest and yet again the airlines decided what was important and what wasn't·three boat load of bogie boards wasn't on their important list. We sat in port for hours waiting for the boards to arrive - they didn't show up.

After the slow and 'hot' start we pushed on··across a Sou'east slop that rocked us all the way to the islands and tested the stomach of these hardy Americans. They are top blokes and handled it all with aplomb.

To translate straight from the diary:

"Charter 9 was as good as it gets for BJ, B, the crew, and myself.

A top bunch of seppos that scored everything from perfect uncrowded waves, extra large perfect waves, a few minor reef scars, the biggest wahoo of the year, an epic party, and a bloody good overall general 'bitch'in' vibe. To say we had a good charter is an understatement.

An epic 2 days at Spot X. 3-8ft waves ridden and enjoyed by all.

Had a bit of a wasted voyage to Spot F because the Captain 'predicted' and ended up 'dicking' the swell. At least the guys saw new ground. Riko hauled in a 20kg Wahoo which was a silver, blue sight. Have since had 4 good fish meals from it. Surfed some excellent Spot D for the late. 4-6ft. the following day was some of the biggest surf of the season. 10ft faces and very uncrowded·. scored some epic video of Chris on a macca. 4 times overhead. The next day Spot E was as good as it gets.

Joe, the Bull, strained his recent shoulder operation whilst surfing maxed out Spot R. the boat witnessed some of the biggest sets ever seen roll through. One hapless soul broke his legrope and ended up retrieving his board, but had to tread warily over jagged coral to a safe jump off zone about half a mile away."

All this ended in a bit of a celebration as it was near the end of the trip.

Scott Becker had a hard time while on board. Seemed to acquire a new name - Boris Becker! Scott now is know by the name Boris, after the famous 5 time Wimbledon Champion. Bummer when you resemble someone. Rumours where rifle amongst the fleet that Boris was on board the Barrenjoey and he surfed good·..can't say that the captain denied it.