Ben Werda, Matt Warren, James Miller, John Can Gemert, Greg Salabay,
Harry Tasker, James Nigro, Keith McKenzie.

What can I say!

You have an outstanding vessel with all the comforts needed on a surf charter plus more. The Binda Laut is the ultimate tender & your crew is A1.....The little things they do like the drink of water you receive, after every surf was the icing on the cake. You have trained them well but they also seem to enjoy their job.

Food was unreal from both Elvis & Pim.

And Captain Hillsy..... not only did we surf more waves by ourselves than with other people. I saw much more of the Mentawai Islands than I had on previous trips & surfed more rights than lefts... in indo! He is a good captain with lots of knowledge of both the sea & boats and fitted in like one of the boys we'd known for years.

All round enjoyable trip.
Big thanks to the crew from all the boys & it was a pleasure sailing on THE BARRENJOEY.

Mick Werda