Quinn Campbell, Patrick Connor, Kevin Casey, Conrad Baumgartner, Donald Hodge, Todd Fraser, Chris Cottle

QC, PC, KC,CC, CB, DH, TF joined us from the USA and the trip began as a shocker. First the Captain tore his medial ligament and could no longer sit in the line-up and call the lads into any particularly gnarly ones, something he loves to do. Then Chris came unstuck on a floater and broke his ankle. His trip was cut short. He hitched a ride in aboard the Nusa Dewata. The dream was turning into a nightmare·

There were still waves everyday, as always. But there was a dampener until the first beer garden session and the accent competition began, then Todd landed a large Spanish Mackeral, then the swell hit in the form of a particularly mongrelly south swell. The big rights shook what was left of the dust from the boys.

A little later in the trip we ended up at one of the more classic line-ups of the break. A long left that allows 3 or 4 riders to be surfing at once. Just us. Too much fun. Oh, and then some more lefts and then we were surfed out. Well, those that could surf. The Captain watched glumly, but smug in the fact that·'hey dude, you guys scored!'