CHARTER SIX // 8 JULY - 20 JULY // 2002

Philip Hooper, Michael Hooper, Ian Wolfe, Dallon Hansen, LeRoy Horton, Peter Horton, Leo Page, RobBevern , Bob Bevern

We retroed back to the halcyon days and scored·heavily. Who said the joint's crowded? As the adrenaline began to peak amongst some particularly funnelling rights; some killer whales joined the frolicking. B and the Captain chased them in the Toranna (yellow tender) for an hour or so, scored some epic footage, and were told in no uncertain terms to 'blow 'away by the leviathans.

The excitement mounted in the tubes. Bob even started crying after exiting one. Tears of pure, unashamed joy. Ian scored some very deep ones that he finally began to come out of. Leroy and Rob seemed to almost play with the waves on their bellyboards. Well, occasionally the waves played with them. Dallon played like he was on the footy field. Charged·simply charged. What is it with these footyheads? The Brothers Hooper, Phil and Mick; seasoned surf travellers from the old school. A beer, a fish, and a 'nice' wave was all they wanted. They received all the above and more. They just followed along like it was all normal. They thanked Leo (the minuet of the Mentawais whose dancing in the tube inspired us all). As Phil commented at the end of the voyage.."if it wasn't for you guys (Pete, Bob,and Leo) we would never have considered surfing these waves" good on ya! Then there was Pete.

Pete smashed himself up, badly, on the reef. He was lucky to be wearing one of Wisey's rugby helmets from the previous charter, and only ended up with a depressed skull, suspected spinal injury, concussion, shock, and 10 stitches in his head! It was a scary situation. We could have lost him. Every operation needs to have basic medical training and some form of medical evacuation pre-planned. Injuries will continue to happen all the time out here. It is the nature of the reef.

He recovered, being the tenacious bastard that he is, and Mr Bagus sold us his wears and the BJ sailed happily back to its haven.