CHARTER TWO // 11 MAY - 24 MAY // 2002

Chris Athas, Dean Shoppee, Matt Cattle, Robbie Lowe, Jeff Johnson, Damian Goninan, Brad Spence, Mano Talbert.

The Boys turned up and were blown by the winds to one of the few surf spots on offer and proceeded to get tubed and surfed out in some beautiful waves. Matt set the tenor with double barrels and buckets of spray. Plenty of fish were caught on this trip. With the aid of the happiest surfing chef in the world, Zane, we ate like lords. Chris' youthful exuberance showed in his new found surfing style. He led his charges through the thick and the small. Jeff's incident with a killer butterfly was pretty bloody funny. Have you ever seen a butterfly bite someone on the face?. And the captain cemented his navigational skills by taking a few of the crew up some lost river then getting lost!

Anyway, we had a blast. Scored some perfect lefts, belted through some obnoxious weather, laughed our lungs out at Brad's commentary of the days proceedings, celebrated Robbie's birthday, ate mud crab, and overcame the demons to surf a bloody big right that smashed us all to smithereens.

Oh and thanks to Manno for designing the board rack that now has pride of place on the front decks.