CHARTER THREE // 26 MAY - 7 JUNE // 2002

Fletcher Green, Nathan Edwards, Nigel Muscroft, Milan Thompson, Jeff Sweeney, Brad Potter, Nathan Lyons, Shaun O'Callaghan

Tour Talley
Broken boards: 9
Breaks surfed: 18
Virgin Discoveries: 2

Pretty well sums it up. These guys surfed hard. They didn't mind a beer either. We bought some prehistoric stingray/lobster/ crab creature that no-one has been able to tell us what it is called. We let it go.

The lads named one of the spots 'Barrys' after their mate. It was an isolated, perfect, never before seen or heard of wave. We're claiming it! We also stumbled upon another spot, which was scary and exhilarating rolled into one barrel that will bellow in our brains forever!!!! Actually, there were a few spots like that. Sharks scared the lads from the water on 2 occasions, these guys are meant to be used to big Noahs down their way. The lads even tested the strength of the new Quiksilver rash guards over the force of a blowhole.

The surfing between Napalm, Nigel and Sweeny was a pleasure to watch. They pushed their limits on the gnarly days, which in turn pushed the other boys. Pottz and Nathan Lyons found their special break in the form of a particularly long and winding right. Fletch had a time surfing by himself on a couple of sessions and found sanctity and severity in the barrel at the tubing thing back up the track with his mate Milo. Sorry about that purple bruise on ya hip Milo! Shaun was mad in every session he surfed, including the lefts.

We didn't want it to end - it was just too much bloody fun!