CHARTER FIVE // 22 JUNE - 6 JULY // 2002


Julian Bloomfield, Sean Dew, Scott Wisemantel, Andrew Baker, Greg Jones, Matthew Chapman, Kyle Williams, Julian Dibbs

Here's to the bunch of boofy, bike panted, beer swilling, footy helmeted blokes of the charter. More new breaks discovered·Senor Hectors, Gracelands, Fitzus, Dead Dog point, Dibbsys, and Henry's Patio. Yep there's still some out there! And no, we cannot reveal their exact locations. The conditions were epic for wave-riding. Light and variable, what the Mentawais are famous for.

The boys only wanted 3-5 ft but they got a whole lot more and overcame their demons with style, aplomb, tenacity and hangovers. And geez, they had some good stories.

I think Wisey thought he was still on the rugby field, donning headgear and charging every break like it was a pack of All Blacks. Sean scored some classic rides at various rights that had me thinking he was an old hand at surfing reef waves. It wasn't till later that he mentioned he was shitting himself on a couple of days. Good on ya! Jonesy stayed in the surf for about 12 days straight - the lone goofyfooter going all the way. Kyle was adamant on surfing smaller waves and bagging himself. But on the heavy days he took it all on which made those beers taste even sweeter. Julian, Chappo, Dibbsy and Andrew, the Pom vied for the inside position at every break and the competition could only be classed a classic battle between surfers of subtlty.

Special thanks to Sean's World of Water, a video which pretty well sums it up. Epic!