CHARTER FOUR // 9 JUNE - 21 JUNE // 2002

Tony Brigden, Neal Lyons, Michael Randall, Ben Day, Peter James, James Mackay, David Smyth, Nigel Randall

The Captain was in the bad books from day one by stitching Nigel up·twice. First was the drop-in (I swear I didn't see him!) then the 6 stitches to the forehead he had to administer after an untimely encounter with a piece of reef known as "The Surgeon's Table". This was on the paddle back out. Lucky Nigel was such an easy-going bloke and all was forgiven, many beers later.

Now these guys brought a chart of the area with the idea of marking down the spots for each day and making a sort of diary of their trip. Well the chart turned into a scribbling art form of clever comments and severe baggings as the Captain and Jamesy tried to outwit each other. Sorry guys, I just cannot bring myself to reveal exact locations. A legacy of my Crossing days.

The boys turned their fun to kite surfing one day, fishing everyday, cleaning up their reef tattoos, and generally hanging out drinking beer and watching the tropical sunset· you do!

Ben was the effervescent grommet of the trip, always in the surf. Neal was not far behind him. Jamesy rode proud upon his knees proving that the dying breed of kneeboarders is still alive and (dare I say it) flapping. James Mackay loved to fish and was constantly sneaking away on the Toranna (tender) with Selemat and returning with piles of Spanish Mackeral, trevally and Tuna. Tony, Neal, Mike and Dave all surfed their brains out, their bodies growing more surf fit with each day till it was over and we now hope their memories carry them through till the next aquatic adventure they embark upon